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About us

Zaytech Solutions Sdn Bhd is a niche growing startup in the field of innovation. We help our clients to make innovative and creative shifts that can transform everything.

With the motto of “Creating ARCS“, Zaytech is committed to enable development of new technologies and best practices. The core values that is embedded into the motto where Altruism, Respect, Credible & Simplicity (ARCS) lives in each and every staff member of the organisation. The core values will enable the sustainability of this visionary company.

We focus in two areas, medical device industry and creative learning development.In the field of product manufacturing, we also offer in-house product design, prototype building and production to others. Our facility is equipped with Printed Circuit Board and product assembly line and online learning platform. We also provide collaborative consulting and exclusive professional coaching services.

Our competitive advantage lies in the usage of multiple in-depth strategic thinking in variety of its application. With strong fundamental in set of tools and methodologies used, our approach is highly interactive and collaborative. We integrate our creativity, experience, and strategy development experience with proven tools and methodologies built around the Blue Ocean strategy process.
Being an innovative and agile startup company, we are expanding. We are now unlocking the potential of online learning platform, assisting underserved individuals and businesses to access systematic and innovative learning experience.

Coming from multinational background, we do this by leveraging our years of cumulative management experience from the corporate world. We aim to deliver corporate best practices, making innovation and high quality learning affordable to the masses.

Our Journey

Zaytech Solutions Sdn Bhd was incorporated as a company in Malaysia.

Zaytech Solutions Sdn Bhd secured RM500,000 grant from Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (TERAJU); to assist in setting up of assembly facility and registration with Medical Device Authority (MDA).

Zaytech Solutions Sdn Bhd was selected by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC) to attend Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program in Stanford University, California.

Zaytech Solutions Sdn Bhd completed the SPPE-MPB, a program organised by Malaysia Productivity Corporation.

Zaytech Solutions Sdn Bhd setup their first production line for SMT PCB assembly.

Our Core Values


We always believe that everybody should not put their needs or wishes above others. We share our knowledge with others. Spreading the knowledge to others.


We believe in respecting individuals for their rights and dignity. Being respectful means that we never promise something that we can't deliver.


We take our job seriously and committed to deliver our promised goals and responsibilities. We also pride ourselves on delivering quality into everything we do.


To enable high user friendliness experience to our client, we preach simplicity in our all solutions. We ensure that our solutions to customers produces improvements against the benchmark.

Our Equipment

Our team

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