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Zaytech Solutions Logos

Please review these usage guidelines before downloading the full logo set:

Zaytech Solutions' Wordmark

The Zaytech Solutions wordmark is the defining building block of its visual identity. It’s the primary visual element that identifies Zaytech Solutions.

Zaytech Solutions Sdn Bhd
The wordmark is available in .svg in the following colors and formats:
  • Web (RGB): Strong orange and black
  • Print (CMYK): Fuel yellow and black

Other Zaytech Solutions Logos

Much like the Zaytech Solutions wordmark, the Zaytech Solutions A logo is a defining element of Zaytech Solutions’ visual identity. Isolated version of the logo are available in .png, .pdf, and .svg formats.
Web color

Zaytech Word color: #d4af37
Solutions Word color: #000000

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